Audio referencje

Posłuchaj audio referencji nagranych przez moich fantastycznych Klientów- żywych dowodów współpracy ze mną i naszych fantastycznych rezultatów

Magdalena Siełużycka
Stage manager, London


I attended Pola’s individual classes for several months before moving to London. It was the best pronunciation course I have ever done.

I achieved significant progress towards mastering the contemporary British pronunciation. Pola helped me to reduce mixture of accents in my speech, she taught me how to control breath, voice and intonation. I immensely enjoyed the pace of the course, the opportunity to practice without feeling embarrassed.

At the end of my course, I had a thorough plan of what I need to work on in the future.

Pola is a dedicated professional who will provide you with the tools you need to get the results you want. I love the way how she inspired and motivated me.

I believe her secret lies in how much she loves her work. I totally recommend her classes for anyone wishing to improve their accent.

Thank you Pola! Your approach has made a big difference to me and shaped my current carrier.

Monika Szczech
English teacher


I’m an English language teacher specialising in teaching visually impaired students. I started individual accent coaching classes with Paulina a couple of years ago when I was intensively searching for a native speaker who could train with me British pronunciation. However, it was a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. These classes are very valuable and worthwhile for me because being an English teacher myself I can work on my pronunciation in a professional, and most importantly, successful way. Paulina is very passionate about teaching pronunciation, she has a very individual approach and innovative method of conducting her classes.

Aleksandra Hinc
Interior designer


I met Paulina over two years ago when I used to live abroad and wanted to improve my English skills I needed for everyday communication. I realised shortly afterwards she provided me with the type of language coaching I exactly needed and had looked for for a long time. Having had generally quite advanced command of English I wanted to sound more natural and fluent and thus make progress. Paulina as a bilingual person perfectly understands obstacles most Poles face while learning English pronunciation and accent. She is  polite and patient and can create an ambience of comfort and trust during  a lesson. She is  very professional, dedicated and  passionate about what she does. I find her enthusiasm  ‘positively infectious’ 🙂

Talking about benefits, I did make a huge progress in terms of way of speaking English for last two years. I became way more confident. I feel somehow granted with more trust from my interlocutors’ side. And the way I speak is more often praised, especially by British native speakers who say I sound very British and native like.

I hope my fascinating language journey with Paulina will last. There is always room for development… :-))

Magdalena Brodziak
MA finance and management


I have been learning English pronunciation with Paulina for two years. Before I met Paulina, I did not fully believe that I would be able to fulfil my dreams of perfect British pronunciation. Many of my friends told me it was impossible. For me nothing is impossible, so I decided to give it a try.

Today, 2 years after taking the decision, I am very satisfied with the results of our cooperation. Paulina’s classes not only perfected my pronunciation, but also gave me more confidence in speaking with the English. The „problem” of nationality has disappeared because a strong Polish accent is no longer heard.

I really liked her professionalism and clear structure of the classes. We went on to practice the next sound only when the one we were covering recently, was already perfectly mastered. Paulina is very open, friendly and energetic person. I noticed during the first classes that she is an absolute professional in her field and teaching accents is not only her job but also passion. Paulina is an experienced accent coach, she knows several foreign languages ​​and she knows what aspects of pronunciation are problematic for Poles or other nations. As a result, learning with her quickly brings the expected results.

I can recommend Paulina to anyone who dreams of a beautiful British accent. On my example I know that it is really possible. At the beginning, the British pronunciation may seem to be difficult to master, after a few classes and visible progress in learning, it is going to be a pleasure.

Zuzanna Kietlińska
Student of Law Faculty


In 2013, I started studying in the International Baccalaureate (IB) class, where English was the leading language. I did not feel confident speaking in a foreign language and as a result I was unable to express my arguments. At that point I found Paulina. I had a mixed British-American-Polish accent and a genuine desire to work on it. The perfectly balanced lessons gave me a real pleasure – Paulina is not only a professional accent teacher, but also a fascinating, creative person. After two years of a fruitful cooperation I gained confidence in speaking English, the language barrier disappeared. The fluency in speaking and writing enabled me to pass the international Baccalaureate exam by obtaining 43 out of 45 points, which guaranteed me a place at one of the best universities in London – UCL. Living in the UK, I do not have any communication problems, I often hear words of appreciation for my pronunciation once it turns out that I was not born in England. I am convinced that without lessons with Paulina I wouldn’t have had a chance to study abroad, so I dare to say that she is capable of changing her students’ lives. I am extremely grateful for having met such an amazing teacher, motivator and interlocutor. I recommend Paulina wholeheartedly.

Aleksandra Polak


I started learning English some 25 years ago when Polish teachers did not pay much attention to pronunciation and there were no online dictionaries with pronunciation option. I’ve never had a speaking barrier, but I could not articulate specific sounds of the British English, as nearly no-one ever taught me they existed and I mispronounced many words. Very often I could not understand what non-native speakers were saying because of their strong accent and pronunciation mistakes and I realised that many people must have had the same problems with me speaking English. ‘Sometimes I could not understand native speakers either as I was used to the incorrect sound of English words. I work a lot in English and travel a lot and that is why I wanted to improve the quality of my speaking. Lessons with Paulina are genuinely fantastic and my pronunciation gets better and better after every lesson during which not a single minute is wasted. She analyses the way you speak and introduces you to many rules regarding certain sounds so that you can notice that speaking properly is not that difficult and you don’t have to be born native. She also has a method of how to teach you to pronounce English sounds correctly by show­­ing how to position your mouth, lips, chin, etc. to arrive at the perfect sound. And she is very dedicated, so if one method does not work for you, she will come up with another one. After a year my British friends noticed that my Polish accent disappeared. After two years other people, including British, sometimes asked me if I lived in England when I was a kid as I sound British. Moreover, my listening skills have significantly improved. I do not have any problems now watching British films or TV or listening to a British radio. I can even make a distinction when someone speaks with another accent than the southern English one. When talking to a British person, I do not have to try to make out what they are saying, and I can focus on the content (and vice-versa), which hugely helps me at my work and makes private conversations much nicer. Definitely, lessons with Paulina have been one of my best investments in my self-development.

Zuzanna Makowska
M.A. English Philology, Ph.D. Student


I am a graduate of English Studies at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS) in Warsaw, Poland and English Philology at The University of Warsaw.

Since 2016, I have been working for Groupon, the US editorial team. As a content specialist, I am responsible for creating and publishing engaging content and optimizing it according to the company standards.

I have been also working as a private English tutor for six years.

Currently, I am studying for a PhD in American literature since one of my life goals is to become an academic lecturer at an English-speaking university.

I believe that in order to become a good English speaker, it is crucial to focus on both fluency and pronunciation. If one of those is missing, our utterance might be perceived as less valuable and our knowledge might be underestimated. Therefore, in 2015, I started taking pronunciation classes in an attempt to acquire the RP accent.
At the beginning, I was struggling with correct positioning of the mouth and tongue, could not tell the difference between the British and American way of pronouncing certain words, and felt ashamed of my accent. Fortunately, Pola helped me overcome all of the issues.

She is an experienced teacher, able to meet the individual student needs. We have been practising each sound separately, reading the texts of my choice, and listening to native and non-native English speakers to spot their strong and weak points. These diverse teaching strategies have influenced the quality of my accent and helped me gain a wider perspective.

Although improving pronunciation is a continuous process and I still have much to learn, I can say that I am already proud of the way I speak and the progress is considerable. Several times, I have been even asked by both the Poles and foreigners if I come from England.

Words cannot express how grateful for Pola’s help I am, but it is definitely worth knowing how to pronounce them properly 🙂